3 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Optimizing content for search engines has come to require specialized knowledge, and many people find themselves making mistakes when they first start in the field. Below are some common misapprehensions in the field that you should try to correct in your work.

A simple mistake that can be easily avoided when you're doing SEO for your site is, lowering the use of images and increasing the content. It's true that images can be appealing for your website visitors, but since they don't really help your site's SEO, they should be used in moderation.

What the search engines value is original content, so make sure you have enough of this on your site. You can certainly have images on your site, but don't overuse them in place of content. In addition to not helping your SEO, having too many images also makes your site run more slowly, another reason to limit their use. For any images you do include, remember to make use of their ALT tags by putting your main keywords in them. By doing this, you have another place for the search engines to read your keywords, as they can't read the images themselves. In general, however, you are better off focusing on content that includes your main keywords. Since the search engines still favor content, this should be your priority. Another mistake is ignoring the power of internal linking and only focusing on getting outbound links. If you can use internal linking in a manner such as sites like Wikipedia employ, you will be using an effective on site SEO tactic. There are many reasons why search engines favor sites that have good internal linking but the biggest is that when you have a good network of internal links, it shows that your site is resourceful and people will be able to find what they want on it easily by following these links. This is a fairly simple task, as it only involves using anchor text for your keywords and linking to another page on your site. You don't, however, want to simply add links randomly. The idea is to make your internal links easy to follow and user friendly, so both your visitors and the search engines will be satisfied.

The speed of your site is also something you have to pay attention to, as the search engines look at this when they rank sites. In addition, when your site is slow, many of your visitors will lose patience and click away. When your page is loaded with unnecessary code, you'll see that it starts and loads slow, which isn't appreciated by the major search engines like Google.

If you use an external CSS file rather than an internal one, you avoid this problem. This is the way to go if you want your pages to load swiftly. The search engines are always trying to keep their users happy, which is why they look at factors like your site's speed. Essentially, by creating a quality site that visitors will enjoy, you are also doing what the search engines want.

In conclusion, the mistakes that we discussed in this article are made by many marketers. It's important not to fall into these errors if you want your SEO campaigns to succeed.

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